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Welcome to the Data Forum!

Welcome to the new BAR Data Forum! This online forum was created to help the data and analytics developers that are working on the Enterprise Project collaborate on the design, creation, and deployment of new reports, dashboards, and analytics as a part of the Workday effort. During the lifetime of this project, we expect a large number of people to be designated as report developers. With that, it is important that we communicate, communicate, and communicate even more to ensure that everyone is up to speed on the latest news and information.

As the project team builds out the new environments in Workday and the new cloud-based Reporting & Analytics Environment, as well as define new processes and procedures, both governance and devops, we will use this forum to communicate information to the wider development community. We hope that you take this opportunity to become an active participant in this new online data & analytics community that are we aiming to build. The creation of these new environments, the introduction of new tools, and the implementation of new processes can only be successful with your valued input.

This is an exciting time for analytics at Ohio State! We eagerly look forward to collaborating on building a great data and analytics environment.

-- The BAR Team


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